First of all, my photography is not about me, it's about you.  My goal is to capture images that provide the viewer insight about the subject.


I'm crazy about dogs and have extensive knowledge in dog behavior and training (that comes in handy when doing a shoot with a canine).  So it may be no surprise that my photography business really got started when I started applying the same sort of lighting techniques used when photographing beautiful models to the images I was making of furry supermodels.  


Today, I photograph a variety of subjects -- people and pets --  but the objective is the same for all:  to create images that are beautiful, dramatic and memorable.  I love combining available light and studio lights to create images that stand apart, and I won't stop a session until I'm satisfied that what we've created together is something very special -- both stunning and captivating.  Whether creating images for a model portfolio, a family portrait, a pet photography session, an editorial piece, or a commercial project, I endeavor to showcase the subject in a manner that truly has a "WOW! factor."  This is my passion or, one could say, my obsession.


If you'd like to read more about me and my work, you can see an article about me in Up.St.ART Magazine here.