Below are answers to questions frequently asked by people considering a photo session with me.


Q:  I want to book a session.  What do I do and what happens next?

A:  Contact me via this site, email, or phone (443-326-2050).  I'll answer your questions and we can schedule your session.  I'll hold that date for you temporarily (one week) while we complete the process.  I'll email you a session agreement.  Sign and return this with payment of the session fee to secure your booking.  If there is an animal involved, I'll also send you a questionnaire for you to complete and return.  After I've received your signed agreement and payment, we'll meet for your pre-session consultation to begin planning the fun!


Q:  Are digital images/files included as part of my session fee?

A:  No, but they are available for purchase separately.  Please note that I will provide you with a web-sized digital file (with subtle GPP watermark) of any image you purchase so that you may share those images via email or social media.  Should you purchase a "Treasure" collection, however, high-resolution digital files of all your images are included in the collection.  


Q:  My dog isn't trustworthy off leash.  Can we still do a photo session outdoors?

A.  Yes!  The truth is, almost all of my photo sessions are done with the dog on a leash, even some of the studio sessions!  I remove the leash during the editing process.


Q:  What is the best time of the day for a photo session?

A:  With the lighting equipment I use, we can capture outstanding images at any time of day.  One of my favorite images of my own dog (the one of him under the bridge in fog), was made in bright daylight at 1:30pm, but I purposely made it look like evening.  That said, if you want a sunset in the background, we'll have to plan accordingly.


Q:  Can I select my images from an online gallery?

A:  No.  The Gregg Patrick experience is built around providing you with the best possible service to insure you get finished art work you'll cherish forever.  That requires showing you the images in-person so that we can discuss editing options, cropping options, printing options, framing options, the composition of different groupings, etc.  Besides, the "grand reveal," as I call it, is a lot of fun!


Q: Can you retouch the images to hide my imperfections?

A: Yes!  And the degree to which we do that is up to you.  Generally I remove blemishes and "soften" a woman's skin.  But I can also do more significant changes at your request.  For animals, it's common to clean up their eyes and remove stray fur.


Q:  Do you accept credit cards?

A:  Yes.


Q: Are gift certificates available for purchase?

A: Yes.  Contact me via email or phone and we can set this up using a credit card.  I'll email you a certificate that you can present as a gift.


Q:  What if I am not happy with my images?

A:  It's never happened with any of my clients, but should you be the first, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  You have the option of re-doing the session or receiving a 100% refund of your session fee.