Before the Photo Session:

A great photo image rarely just happens, it takes planning.  I want your images to tell a story about you, your family, or your furry best friend, so your photo session will start with a private consultation.  I want to learn about your interest, your passions, your style, etc. so that these things can be reflected in the images we are going to make.  If there's a pet involved, I want to learn about his/her personality, favorite things, favorite places, strange quirks, etc. so that we can incorporate all of that into our photo session.  And, importantly, I want to learn about any issues that may have an influence on how we conduct the photo session.

I'll also ask about where you're going to hang your final art and how else you'd like to use the images; this often helps determine the best format and style for for me to use when capturing your images.  

With all that information in hand, we'll then discuss the options for the location and time of your session.  In some cases, I may do some location scouting and provide you with some location-only images to insure we are on the same page.  Also, if wanted, I can arrange a professional hair and make-up artist for you on the day of the shoot (additional charge applies).


The Photo Session:

The actual photo session will be fun, I promise.  It's an important part of the experience.  It's your time -- or your furry friend's time -- to be a superstar.  Music, beverages, chocolate (for you, not the dogs), etc. is all included.  I'll be prepared with a list of images I have in mind based on our consultation, but there's always room for spontaneous creativity.  I don't watch the clock and always spend lots of time making certain everyone is comfortable.

I'll guide you into poses that are most flattering to you.  We'll take breaks and you'll have a chance to review the images in-camera so that you can make any suggestions or adjustments you'd like as we go.  You can also do several wardrobe changes if you'd like.

If there's a pet included, I'll begin by just playing with your pet to gain their comfort, then it'll continue with lots of treats (or toys or petting or whatever makes your pet happy) and play time throughout the session to keep them happy and relaxed.  There will never be any rush or pressure.  I've learned that patience is one of an animal photographer's greatest tools.  I've photographed all sorts of dogs -- from sweet, lazy seniors to excited, bouncing pups.  Whatever your dog's character, we WILL be able to photograph him/her.  You don't need a well trained dog to get a great portrait.   For dogs and cats, I'm usually on the ground to get the best perspective.  Depending on the situation, I may ask you to handle your pet, assist with toys or treats, or I may ask you to just step aside altogether.  It's whatever works best for the animal.  

And please note that almost all the dogs I photograph outside are on leash.  The leash is removed in the editing process.  Your dog does NOT need to be trained to be off-leash for an outdoor photo session! 


After the Photo Session: 

After the photo session I'll spend hours carefully editing and processing your proofs.  About 7-10 days after your photo session we'll meet and review the final selection together.  This is typically clients' favorite part of the entire Gregg Patrick Photography experience.  Let's just say, there's a reason I make certain tissues are handy during this meeting!  After a grand reveal, you'll select your favorite images.  Then we'll discuss display options, sizing, cropping possibilities, and more.  Once completed, you can place your order and then simply wait for your finished products to be delivered -- typically within two weeks.